Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Issa Accuses White House, IRS of Stonewalling on Targeting Probe

 Image: Issa Accuses White House, IRS of Stonewalling on Targeting Probe

Rep. Darrell Issa accused the Obama administration and its new IRS chief on Tuesday of obstructing his panel's investigation into the agency's targeting of tea party, conservative and religious groups.

If "the IRS continues to hinder the committee's investigation in any manner, the committee will be forced to consider use of compulsory process," the California Republican, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, wrote in a letter to Internal Revenue Service Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel.

The letter, which was reported by The Washington Times and CNN, was also signed by Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican who also sits on the committee.

The letter, however, did not elaborate on exactly what steps Issa's panel might take, though he noted that impeding congressional investigators could result in prison terms of up to five years.

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  1. Send the Federal marshals to padlock every door of every IRS building, and then freeze all it's money until they do something.

    How about using their own tactics against them?

    But the Republicans don't have the b@lls.........

  2. I believe they would if there was an impartial press.

  3. F- the impartial press everyone would cheer if they did it.

    The IRS is hated by more people than dislike the Republicans....
    But they won't because it would be a Federal institution that's supposed to be inviolable, and once you start, where are you going to stop?

    They're not "republicans" they're the *other* party of power.

  4. They wouldn't.
    If Ted Cruze was in charge- maybe.. with Boehener there..never.
    It would result in hurt feelings among his 'dear friends' getting their day misaligned and miss meetings with their political contributors.

  5. Unfortunately, hearings do not accomplish anything. Nothing substantial will happen.

    I seriously believe that it is all Kabuki theater.


    1. Nixon's deeds were lily white compared to Obama's.