Monday, July 22, 2013

Greatest letter ever on Black Mob Violence.


Of course it is from a cop. I’m trying to convince him to submit it to WND.

Mr. Flaherty,

thank you and God bless you.

Your book was delivered to my house yesterday via Amazon.  I got home from work at 2:15 PM, and shortly thereafter began reading it.

I couldn’t put it down and finished it around 10 PM.  I told my wife that she and our 26 year old son have to read it.

I know you’ve heard a million stories and personal accounts, here’s one more.

I’m a fifty something year old white male, born and raised in Baltimore City. I’m a retired Maryland State Trooper.  After retirement, I became the owner of a small business.

In 1970′s, I began 7th grade at Herring Run Jr. High School in Baltimore. It was an integrated public school, with students bussed in from other districts.  It was my first experience with blacks. There was daily harassment by black groups on soft whites.

Thefts, assaults, intimidation.

If I ever wrote a book, it would be titled “Gimme a nickel.”  In a threatening/intimidating manner, this would be stated with a palm out - ”Gimme a nickel.”


  1. Same here... the late 1960's era black power movement was even happening in my little south central PA high school where the few blacks there would shake you down for your lunch money. I still resent it. My grandparents lived near the blacks and I remember as an elementary school kid walking through the section with no problem. Hell, my dad used to take us to the black Amercan legion. I was told to respect the blacks... i did until the shake downs and rough ups. We were not as poor as some of them but were not much above poverty line back then.