Monday, August 26, 2013

Marine who warned of insider attack threat facing career's end

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 Enduring Freedom

I have appeared many times with Greg Buckley, father of one of the victims of this "Afghan ally" (more on that here). These brave young men knew they were the targets of these jihadi Afghans. They knew that they were going to die (Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr. told his father that our "Afghan partners" were going to murder him), but military brass did nothing because it conflicted with their fantasist policy in Afghanistan. 

Instead of giving this Marine a medal for warning his brothers, his heroic action has caused his spineless superiors to "lose trust and confidence in his abilities.” This is the low state of the world under the Obama administration. Is it any wonder that nearly half of soldiers say Army isn't committed to them?

The poison fruit of Obama's contempt for the US military is “the cascading effects of uncertainty on lower morale, loss of quality leaders, and lack of unit cohesion.” From the day Obama took office, he has had it out for the military, hence his effete, yellow-bellied military leadership.

Is this the act of friend or foe?

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