Monday, August 26, 2013

NC: Police Threaten to Arrest Group for Feeding Homeless Breakfast…Something It Has Done for the Past Six Years

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 love wins ministry feeding homeless
  • Over the weekend, police stopped a ministry in Raleigh from passing out food to the homeless near a park.
  • Since the story broke, Love Wins Ministries has seen an outpouring of support, and Raleigh’s mayor said no one will be arrested for providing food while committees work out the situation. 
  • The ministry has been providing breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays for anyone who wants it for the past six years because there is no other publicly-funded option for the hungry over the weekend in Raleigh.
  • Why the ordinance was being enforced at this time is not known, but the square does have a planned revitalization that could move the ministry.
A charity in Raleigh, North Carolina, has for the past six years brought hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches to a local park, feeding anyone who wanted a meal. Over the weekend though, the group was met with more than just the hungry: local police threatened to arrest them if they passed out food this time.

Love Wins Ministries, a group whose mission “is to demonstrate and promote God’s love for the marginalized,” was near Moore Square Saturday ready to pass out breakfast, but were confronted by the local law enforcement and prevented from doing so.

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