Monday, August 26, 2013

WI PatCon Sept 21!

I'll be holding a PatCon at my farm in Horicon, WI on Saturday, September 21.
Nothing fancy, just a greet, meet and eat for interested Patriots in the area.
Limited rough indoor accommodations and outside camping available if you want/need to stay over night.
Reservations/advance warning appreciated so I can figure out food for Saturday. I would appreciate it if you would bring your own beverages and something to pass; dish or chips. Very casual affair.
There doesn't seem to be much going on in WI - maybe we can start something good.

Contact WiscoDave at for more info.



  1. Thanks, Brock. Won't be as fancy as yours but I do have a peacock!

  2. :) Do you have an extra female? I've only got one male left and his family has probably been on Dixieland since the 1790's and I can't seem to find a mate for him.