Monday, September 30, 2013

Greece Takes Another Step Toward Martial Law with Arrests of Golden Dawn Leaders

BS. We know where this is going when the cops are masked.

Democracy: Now you see it and now you don't!

Something is happening in Greece and global elitists don't like it so they are up to their regular shenanigans that deprive people of their rights and due process. No worries though. It's all in the name of routing evil. Okay, whatever. Let's ask Golden Dawn leaders though.

Apparently, the Golden Dawn political group in Greece is now seen as a Neo-Nazi group so police have begun arresting their leaders and are essentially doing their level best to shut down the political party because of it. The authorities have gone so far as to charge leaders as being part of a "criminal organization." This party is an extreme right-wing party in Greece so elitists don't like that. To make matters worse, "a Greek 'Gangster Rapper' singer known as 'P Killa' was stabbed to death. The suspected killer had Golden Dawn campaign materials at his house. The murder is being used to as an excuse to try to outlaw a major political party."

I'm sorry, but this is too hilarious to be true. A Greek gangster rapper was found to have Golden Dawn campaign materials in his home when police found his body? Wow, how convenient. Beyond this, the individual accused of killing P Killa is said to be "George Roupakias, 45, an avowed supporter of Golden Dawn."


  1. Any criminal who hides behind a mask like the two pictured here deserves to be shot right between the eyes with no questions asked and no explanation expected.