Monday, September 30, 2013

More Obama BS: All veterans’ benefit payments will be disrupted if a shutdown goes beyond two weeks


The Department of Veterans Affairs told congressional officials Friday that all benefit checks it issues, including disability claims and pension payments, will be disrupted if a government shutdown lasts for more than two or three weeks, according to congressional sources.

During the telephone briefing, the leadership of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees were told that VA will run out of money to make compensation and pension payments if a partial shutdown is drawn out for weeks, according to aides to two members of Congress.

The briefing, which was provided by VA congressional affairs,  represents a significant change from what the members had previously been told, and from the information the VA has released to the public, according to congressional officials.


  1. if the Republicans cave on Obama Care (which I fully expect) someone needs to start a movement on Face Book or somewhere to encourage folks to refuse to sign up for coverage. If folks don't sign up the thing will fall on it's face.