Monday, October 28, 2013

12yo Canadian boy hacked govt sites, gave info to Anonymous for video games

Via Arctic Pilgrim

 AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen

A fifth grader has admitted of being the mastermind behind hacker attacks that took down government websites during the 2012 Quebec student protests and passing some of the hacked data to the Anonymous group in exchange for video games.

The 12-year-old Canadian boy has pleaded guilty to causing three incidents that paralyzed a number of government websites including that of the Quebec Institute of Public Health, and the Chilean government.

Some sites were out of service for as long as two days, the Toronto Sun reports, while thousands of students were rallying against tuition fee hikes in Quebec in 2012, clashing with police and disturbing public order.

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  1. Shall we play a game...
    How about Thermonuclear War?
    Oh forgot canooks don't have nukes..

    1. He'll hack into any country for more games, I imagine. :)

  2. Good boy , please don't leave us out ! This filthy government could use some more hacking !

    1. This filthy government could use some more hacking !

      Love it! :)