Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Goodies from Ol' Remus


 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Let’s assume a scenario where a person will be going into the wilderness with the intention of living off the land. Let’s also assume for the moment that there are no hunting or fishing regulations that we have to comply with, and let’s assume that the person has all necessary equipment, including hunting and fishing tools. What would the person need to procure each day in order to live in a sustainable manner for a prolonged period of time? Ross Gilmore answers these questions and more in this don't-miss article, Living Off The Land: Delusions and Misconceptions About Hunting and Gathering, at Woodland Trekker.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg University of Maryland - The email opens innocently enough, welcoming students back to campus. But it rapidly devolves into a liberal political screed: "This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida." The email closes, unsurprisingly, with an invitation to students to attend a lecture by former NAACP chairman Julian Bond, says Howard Portnoy in this article at The Examiner.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg The computer models which, for 25 years, have formed the basis for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's scaremongering now stand revealed as bogus. After needlessly driving up energy prices, carpeting the countryside with wind turbines and terrifying children about a problem that turns out to have been imaginary, Al Gore's "consensus" is about to be holed below the water-line—and those still still clinging to it are backpeddling furiously, says James Delingpole in this article, Global warming believers are feeling the heat, at The Telegraph.

Banks set to grab deposits without warning - When major banks fail, they are going to bail them out by grabbing the money that is in your bank accounts. This is going to absolutely shatter faith in the banking system... until now, the bank has been obligated to pay the money back on demand in the form of cash. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into 'bank equity'. The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank.
Michael Snyder via F, Maloof at wnd.com 

 Do you think Obama's been judged by any rational standards? Has Guantanamo closed? Is a war over? Is anyone paying any attention to Iraq? Is he seriously talking about going into Syria? We are not doing so well in the 80 wars we are in right now, what the hell does he want to go into another one for. What's going on with journalists?
Seymour Hersh, via Lisa O'Carroll at theguardian.com art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif

Most people do not have the faintest clue as to how dire a condition retail is in, or the main reason more of them haven't yet shuttered their doors. Check out debt levels of a Rite-Aid or your typical zombie retailer when the mood strikes you. They could film Zombieland in many malls today and wouldn't need to pull a permit.
TruthInSunshine, comment at zerohedge.com

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