Monday, October 7, 2013

I have a few things on my mind and as as I have taken Liberty and Lead down, I have no outlet.

Brother, we are so very close to absolute chaos in the streets that I am finding it most fantastic the lack of understanding and preparing by the average person. I have some acquaintances who are very intelligent and Liberty minded, but who seem to completely disregard the data and warnings that we are on the very edge of societal and financial ruin.

When in conversation about the communist bastards who are taking what is left of the Republic and raping it, they still speak of revitalizing the Republican party and of political strategy to "take back the country". The very idea that there is any course left except violence to save the concept of Liberty comes from the puppet masters who are the architects of all which these "Fox-tards" hate. The entire "Left and Right" has been created to let the slaves believe that they have a voice, some "representation" in what happens in Washington.


We are fiddling while Rome burns. We are watching WWE in the capital. All of the posturing, all of the circus is a distraction while the real brokers of power do whatever the hell they want with our very lives. We labor a lifetime to try and achieve what exactly? We own nothing. Anything in our possession can be removed by force from us at any time. Property rights are no more. So, we labor for the pleasure of the men behind the curtain. We exist to provide them a means of our own enslavement.

We stand on the blade of a knife. Those of us fully awakened are sickened and numbed by where we find ourselves. What do we do?

I for one am of the opinion that it is time to hold the people who enslave us to account. It is time to pick the daisies.

My friend TL Davis once told me that "There is nothing left to do except shoot the bastards, but I am too much of a gentleman to put it in such simple terms". Indeed.


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    I miss your thoughts and passion for liberty... I hope your doing well and are prepping like crazy...I think were getting pretty damn close to a tipping point and we had better be ready at a minutes notice...