Monday, October 7, 2013

NC Fall PATCON 2013: Internal Threats


  1. David makes many valid points to heed. He is a very keen observer.
    As like many others at NC PatCon, I was impressed with the genuine honesty of all of the patriots who were there and appreciated what everyone had to input to the movement. Some are relatively new to it while others have been with it from the beginning. The Kerodin's CQB class was top notch, Sam Culper demonstrated his security knowledge, and John Ainsworth taught us about the unconstitutional Reconstruction Act. We learned a great deal that we can bring back to help others understand the alarm we are ringing. There were many newfound kinships kindled and for that I am grateful. Brock and Dixie were fabulous hosts at a beautiful setting among the cotton and soybean fields. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for posting so the rest of us could see at least a part of what went on.

  3. Certainly and did you see the one I posted last night?

    Also, I'll post my own with pictures as soon as I have a chance. Hope all is well.