Monday, October 7, 2013

NC PATCON & Islands of Freedom


I was fortunate enough to attend Brock & Co.’s North Carolina Patriot Convention this past weekend.  The speakers were incredible (John Ainsworth – definitely check him out), I was able to meet up with a few friends, and made plenty of new ones.  Although a full write-up will appear in the November issue of III Magazine, I’d like to tackle some peripheral points for now.


  1. downeast hillbillyOctober 7, 2013 at 8:02 PM

    Sam, I was there too. I came to meet people like you, and Brock, and Sam K and CA and Israel, and all the other people I didn't get to meet, who got in the car, gave the time and the dime to get here and build tribe. H/T to Bonnie Gadsden, who reached out to a newbie in reponse to a comment on his blog. All of you serve the III, walking it and talking it in real time.

    It has been a long year since Sandy Hook. I have lost sleep, been chased from the middle of the road, forced to CHOOSE. My family never used words like "liberty" or talked about the meaning of the Second Amendment. They just gave me a gun when I was nine, taught me responsible handling, and said "Never give it up. To give up your guns is to give up control over your own life". This is core.

    Before yesterday, I had concerns. I read the blogs, commented once or twice, but needed to look into faces to judge whether character matched reputation (h/t to John Ainsworth). I had to taste the Kool-Aid. Then Bonnie Gadsden pointed me to Brock's place, and said "You should go". I did. The Kool-Aid went down like home brew. I'm all in - Constitution as ratified.
    CaR - DH

    1. Very encouraging, Sir and thank you. May is just around the corner, almost.:)