Monday, November 4, 2013

DHS overtime abuse costing millions, watchdog says

Via Cousin John

 Carolyn N. Lerner

Could have left Obama off the "To" part since he doesn't give a rat's ass anyway.

The Homeland Security Department is conducting a sweeping review of overtime use by its employees amid allegations of widespread abuses that cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually.

The review comes in response to charges by a government watchdog agency that Customs and Border Protection headquarters employees have been regularly tacking on two hours of “administratively uncontrollable overtime” (AUO) every day and not performing work during that time. AUO is supposed to be used by field agents who work unpredictable and irregular hours.

Rather than working during those periods, staff in the CBP Commissioner’s Situation Room often spend the additional time watching television sports and entertainment channels or stay at their duty stations “relaxing, joking, surfing the Internet and taking care of personal matters,” said Carolyn Lerner, director of the Office of Special Counsel, in a letter to President Obama and Congress. In her letter, Lerner cited allegations brought by Jose Ducos-Bello, a CBP employee there. The letter is posted on the special counsel’s website.


  1. Thank the GOP and Bush for another big Govt Agency they started which some of us knew would lead to this. It only took a few months when the DHS led by Tom Ridge held a "convention in Hawaii" and so it will go.......