Monday, November 4, 2013

Obama's Plan

Via III Percent Patriots

Here is how I expect the shit to hit the proverbial fan.  It will not be a linear progression of events but rather several happening simultaneously, and all are already queued up to happen.

The biggest part of what I call the "Liberal Plan for the destruction of America" is financially.  As I think Bin Laden knew the best way to hurt America was by destroying or severely hampering our economy thus limiting the money available to defend ourselves.  Money really does make the world go 'round.  Without our large sums of cash we can't fund the multitude of countries around the world to do what we want, 'buy them off'.  So if we were to stop then they would be 'bought off' by either Russia or China.  Undoubtedly to do the things we were paying them not to do.  Which could start a chain events of violence that drag us into that country militarily.

Then there is the money that is spent here at home. 


  1. Here's the problem with all of the "some day Obama's gonna try it" rants; Our once mighty military is GONE , bases closed , divisions "down sized" . The equipment has mostly been scraped or sent into depot storage or the DRMO. Our manpower is down to pre-WW2 levels. No country on earth will loan the us a dime-and they haven't since 2008. There will be no Mercenaries ; They don't work for free and they don't take scrip. The goodwill of "allies" and respect of enemies have both been thrown away by governmental incompetence so that no one will come to the "rescue" of the "leadership" when it implodes. We the gun owners, Libetarians ,TEA partyers and "patriots" outnumber the LE community millions to one--and they know it. If we rose in rebellion to the DC police state they would be ended on a rope in six weeks. THAT is what Obama and the DHS police state are so afraid of-The day we overcome our fear and ignorance. Because like the money our military might is all propaganda and no substance.
    Downsizing started 30 years ago , The United States is an impotent shadow of what it was just twenty years ago, and everyone on earth knows that but US.--- Brock unless we cooperate there is no one to TAKE the guns. If we "gunnies" weren't so lazy, ignorant , and fearful this police state would already be ended.---Ray