Monday, November 4, 2013

Dickens' London brought to life: Fascinating snapshot of Victorian street traders taken at the dawn of photography

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Photograph showing 'Dealer in fancy ware' (jewelry, imitating gems and ornaments)
  • The hard-hitting collection of London life in 1877 was taken by photography pioneer John Thomson
  • Was one of the first photo projects to focus on working-class people and not the aristocracy or landscapes They are images of devastating poverty and life on London's streets that look like they come straight from the pages of a Charles Dickens book. 

    The collection, taken by pioneering photojournalist John Thomson in 1877, show what life was really like for thousands of Londoners in Victorian Britain. 

    Unlike most pictures taken at the time, they show the daily grind and backbreaking work undertaken by the capital's working-classes.

    More with video @ Daily Mail

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