Monday, December 2, 2013

Do These American Americans Look Offended?


Do these four Native American heroes below look offended to you? Oh no, to the contrary they look full of pride. Why would they be offended?

These four men were honored at a recent Monday Night game between the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers. These four men are some of America's finest from World War II. They are part of our history and part of the strategy that led us to victory. These men are Navajo Code Talkers.

For those who do not know the story of the "code talkers," you might want to check out a Nicholas Cage movie called Windtalkers from 2002. These men are the same infamous Marine-Navajo Code Talkers that the movie is based on.

Fox News  recently featured an AP story about Roy Hawthorne (second from left in above picture):
A leader of the Navajo Code Talkers who appeared at a Washington Redskins home football game said Wednesday the team name is a symbol of loyalty and courage — not a slur as asserted by critics who want it changed.

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