Monday, December 2, 2013

Poll: Hillary Clinton "Unfavorable"


For the first time in years, more Americans find Hillary Clinton "unfavorable" than "favorable" - although she is still the clear leading potential Democratic nominee for 2016.

The change is likely due to a plethora of recent bad press around the Benghazi scandal, despite the fact that reports from The Weekly Standard, ABC News, and CBS News were later debunked and retracted

The YouGov/Economist poll makes it obvious that public discontent with Clinton is a recent phenomenon:

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  1. Do you remember when Hillary Clinton was being questioned in a Congressional Inquiry concerning Bengazi, and in an exasperated tone she responded, "What difference does that make ?" Well Hillary, now you see what difference that makes. Most of us thought you seemed pretty cavalier about the loss of American lives and the regime's choice to sit and watch as if it were an episode of NCIS.