Sunday, December 8, 2013

GRNC: House Republicans hand Schumer chance to ban thousands of ordinary guns

What is an “undetectable gun”? It isn't what gun control-pushing politicians like New York senator Chuck Schumer want you to believe it is.

In fact, airports now use “passive body scanners” that detect firearms regardless of what they're made of. And ammunition, made of lead and brass, has never been “invisible”. Apparently Chuck Schumer thinks a gun without ammunition is somehow a threat to national security.

The real threat to national security are politicians who rabidly attack constitutional freedom. Our Republican “friends” in the US House have done us no favor by passing a bill to extend the outdated and useless “undetectable gun” ban. 

Now Schumer and his anti-gun majority of Democrats in the US Senate can use it as a vehicle to tack on provisions that ban guns made with any non-metallic parts – even wooden stocks!

Their strategy appears to delay the current ban until after the 2014 election, when Democrats will be more willing to risk their careers voting in favor of gun bans Americans don't want.

The current ban, set to sunset after 10 years on December 9th needs to sunset. If only Chuck Schumer's tenure would sunset with it... 

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  1. An undetectable gun would be one bought with cash from a Mexican cartel member in the country illegaly by a career felon and used to rob a liquor store, right?

  2. So Stens and Greaseguns are ok?