Thursday, January 23, 2014

Here’s another impossibly stupid Common Core math worksheet

 Common Core Problem. Photo: Twitter courtesy of @Hollaatme_baby

Yet another painfully awful Common Core math worksheet has bubbled up courtesy of Twitter.
This time, the math is for fourth graders, according to Twitchy.
The incomprehensible directions tell the poor nine-year-old souls forced to endure the worksheet to “use number bonds to help you skip-count by seven by making ten or adding to the ones.”


  1. Well I made it through 3 semesters of Analytical Calculus and a semester of Differential Equations plus college algebra, trigonometry, 2 semesters of physics, a semester of statistics, two semesters of accounting, business math and advanced algebra for technicians but I be damned if I know what skip counting and adding to the one is.