Saturday, February 8, 2014

'Impotent toy' triggers school boy's suspension

Zero tolerance = Zero brains.

Mere presence results in 'intimidation, interrogation, accusations'

On the heels of a court argument that the mere presence of an inanimate gun was no reason for fearful police to conduct a no-knock raid on a home in Texas comes a case where a school boy was suspended for the presence of an “impotent toy” in his jacket pocket.

Officials with the Rutherford Institute have written a letter to officials to the public school system in Chicago, which has among the most restrictive gun limits in the nation, about the case involving student Caden Cook, 11.

He was suspended for finding that he inadvertently had left a plastic toy gun in his jacket pocket, which he wore to school. He decided to turn it in to officials when he found it.

“This case speaks volumes about what’s wrong with our public schools and public officials: rather than school officials showing they are capable of exercising good judgment, distinguishing between what is and is not a true threat, and preserving safety while steering clear of a lockdown mindset better suited to a prison environment, they instead opted to exhibit poor judgment, embrace heavy handed tactics, and treat a toy gun like a dangerous weapon,” said John W. Whitehead, chief of the organization.

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