Saturday, February 8, 2014

Something old. Something New. Black on white crime.

I find and document a lot of black mob violence and black on white crime. But I miss more than I catch. And few are more disturbing than this crime, this court room scene, and what followed this week, three years later.

Seandell Jackson killed Nathan Potter in Milwaukee in 2009.  Jackson was a convicted felon who had shot someone a few hours before he shot Potter. For the same reason: Of course it was a robbery, but he told the judge he thought he was “having fun.”

Potter was college student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. By all accounts a gentle soul. A free spirit.


  1. I have rope! Lots cheaper than feeding animals like that.

  2. It's a damn shame...

    ...a damn shame those deputies didn't snap that satanic bastard's neck in the court room.

    1. The female cop didn't seem too pleased. Go for it! :)