Friday, February 14, 2014



I work at a university library in Boston, Mass., and books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System, not by title or "importance". Muslim students (most of them from abroad) told administrators that they were offended because the Koran wasn't given a place of honor on a top shelf, as dictated by Islamic law and custom.

Library staff were then ordered to shift entire sections of books in the stacks so that the Koran could be "honored" appropriately.


  1. Coulda put 'em the john for tp

  2. I sent you an email regarding this post.

  3. Just put a trash can at the end of the shelves, and fill it with "muslim centric" reading material.

    Jesse in DC

  4. For any to stupid to understand, this reveals the true nature(threat) of islam and muslim/sharia law: EVERYTHING IS AN INSULT TO muslims AND islam.
    Yes indeed, a neutral and Non-religious system of shelving library books (in our Republic) is an insult to the koran and islam.
    This is what the library staff cowardly caved to, accusations of insulting the filthy pedophile prophet and his book.
    Without question, sharia law is now being forced upon Western Europe and is starting to creep outward from DC.

  5. Instances like this illustrate how stupidity, arrogance, and a sense of entitlement are, in a rational society, generally harmless to everyone but the unfortunate soul who is afflicted by them. They only affect everyone else when people pander to them. The proper response to such foolishness is to politely refuse to give in to it.

    The improper, albeit sorely tempting, response would be to hang the thing from the ceiling by a length of sausage casing. "Is that high enough for you?"