Friday, February 14, 2014

The FCC Plan To Police The Newsrooms

Via NC Renegade

First Amendment: The FCC has cooked up a plan to place "researchers" in U.S. newsrooms, supposedly to learn all about how editorial decisions are made. Any questions as to why the U.S. is falling in the free press rankings?

As if illegal seizures of Associated Press phone records and the shadowy tailing of the mother of a Fox News reporter weren't menacing enough, the Obama administration is going out of its way to institute a new intrusive surveillance of the press, as if the press wasn't supine enough.

Ajit Pai, a commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission, warned this week in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that a plan to dispatch researchers into radio, television and even newspaper newsrooms called the "Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs" is still going forward, despite the grave danger it presented to the First Amendment.

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  1. Da Comrade. Want news to be correct only. Not to confuse other comrades with fact. In end, all die for good of state. I think we are getting to the end of Claire Wolfs awkward period.
    Jesse in DC

  2. Part of being a useful idiot is not realizing until you're kneeling on the edge of a ditch that your masters weren't really planning keeping you around after they got what they wanted from you. After all, somebody who could figure that out would be neither useful to the regime nor an idiot...