Friday, February 7, 2014

"The Ship that Would Not Die:" USS Laffey Gun Mount 53 Video

Via Adam

Here the new video exhibit now in GUN MOUNT 53. This is also accompanied by lights blinking off and on and the floor has vibrators hooked up. When the gun fires or planes crash onboard or alongside, the floor vibrates. It is quite loud and very well done. Lee Hunt, who was in the handling room below the mount during the Kamikaze Battle, April 16, 1945, said that it was a SUPER VIDEO and WAS AS CLOSEST TO REAL AS YOU CAN GET !

Full Episode


The USS Laffey was in reality two great vessels with the same name--the first, DD-459, fought to the death in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942. The second, DD-724, was at the center of World War II's most intensely brutal kamikaze attack, where it earned the nickname "The Ship that Would Not Die." The crew casualties, however, were high: Over 30 perished and another 70 were wounded.


  1. I can't watch this sort of thing anymore. I am disgusted at what the the US has become and get too worked up and what we, as an American race, have sacrificed. My good friend lost a son at Fallujah a few years ago. I see him from time to time and the last time I saw him, he asked me, with tears in his eyes "what did my son die for?"

    I had no answer.

    1. I discourage all not to enter the armed forces these days.

      I Am Now An Ex-Marine