Thursday, March 13, 2014

7 Reasons Why a Machete is the Only Multitool You Really Need


If I could have only one tool, it’d be a machete. People around the world have long relied on the machete, kukri (shown here), and other close kin to hunt, fish, farm, build, process food, and fashion all types of tools. Every machete has at least seven smaller tools built into it. Your creativity and practice will unlock the full utility of each, but here’s a start.

1. Point Taken
The point can drill, scrape, open cans and, of course, kill zombies. To skin big game, grip the spine with one hand and use the tip to do the work.


  1. I have one just like that. ;-)
    Miss Violet

  2. Mine looks like that, but is cheaper.:)

    1. Well, mine is too, it's a Cold Steel, not a KBar. I didn't notice the brand, I was looking at the shape of the blade. I do have a KBar knife though. ;-)
      Miss Violet

  3. I like that K-Bar style but I also like the Woodsman's pal type.