Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lingerie store accepts EBT card

Via Jeffery

A slip store in Gonzales has posted on their front doorway they accept many credit cards, including a EBT card. That’s a Electronic Benefits Transfer card.

Kiss My Lingerie, in Gonzales, Louisiana, sells adult specialty items. The store changed into a Magnolia Shopping Center on South Burnside Avenue a few years ago. But usurpation a EBT remuneration is something that happened 8 months ago, according to a owner.


  1. I am sorry for going against what is probably the common mood, and being blunt, but here's my reasoning:
    I'd rather give a freeloader a dildo which is ultimately bought with MY money, than risk that, in his never-ending leisure time, he gets overexcited and comes to my neighborhood trying to rape my daughter or any other girl or woman...

    My girls (wife and daughter) are not always with me, not 24/7, and they are not nearly as good with firearms as I am, not to mention the fact that my daughter is 14 y.o. and cannot legally carry a firearm.

    So, I say: short of making the freeloader work (which would be a politically incorrect and radical proposal), let's give him a porn movie and a whatever he needs to satisfy his need.

    Either that... or just shoot him.

  2. Not that I would have any experience in the matter but I have heard that there is such a thing as edible under garments so that may well qualify them for EBT purchase. However depending upon the nutritional value of such items they may well then fall under the evil eye of the first lady if they do not meet her nutritional standards...

    1. Hilarious! :) There is definitely something tasty under there. :)