Thursday, March 13, 2014

The story of dead British soldier found clutching a picture of his wife and child and the German foe who returned it to his family

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A translation of the letter sent by Gefreieter Josef Wilczek to the Red Cross

With the Battle of Passchendaele raging around him, Sergeant Percy Buck - dying from a fatal wound - clutched a picture of his family.

On the back, he had written his dying wish, that someone would return it to his wife.
He would have hoped one of his comrades would fulfil the request, it can't have crossed his mind that it would be honoured by an enemy - let alone the one who had killed him.

However, this is the incredible story that has come to light now the soldier's grandaughter has unearthed the photograph among her father's belongings.

Christina Reynolds, 58, has uncovered the black and white photo almost 100 years after it was taken. It pictures the soldier with his wife, Bertha, and son - Mrs Reynolds's father - Cyril. 

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