Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sic Semper Tyrannis


Comment by Anonymous on Police Murder James Boyd


Just saw this article on WRSA. This pisses me the Ef off. I am a Peace Officer too. Retired Marine Officer with two wars behind me but I am not at war with The People who're are my masters and I am their servant and a Guardian of the Constitution. I and my Sheriff are the ONLY Constitutionally authorized Peace Officers. NOT Chiefs, not Police Officers. They hold no elected executive power duly granted them by the People to be chosen as the Sheriff is to be the choice of the People as the executor of the law. They work for Corporations called cities or States{State Police} and are appointed. The fuckers murdered that guy straight away. The POLICE STATE is here folks. Wake the fuck up. NO ONE trusts the cops anymore to be their shields. "hey need a safe place get behind me. I'll protect you and your Rights". If any peace officer calls themselves a Law Enforcement Officer. You're nothing but a fucking revenuer for the state. 

The Constitution call us Peace Officers for a reason. You can't shoot a kid for NOT dropping an airsoft rifle or anyone for not dropping a firearm. You can only do it if they begin to lift or point it in a threatening fashion. Or look at Fullerton Police. Those fucking NAZI thugs beat that poor homeless man to death. Watch the video and listen to him beg. Fuckers. I am so ashamed that you even wear a badge. Only the Sheriff is the true executor of the Law because he is there at the pleasure of the voters. I have nearly 30 yrs in this biz and I can see the writing on the wall. In the near future if you're wearing a badge you're gonna be a target. Because just like one of the guys who posted here earlier said 'cops' can't be trusted. 

 In the most sense when the People feel this way and the rule of law and Due Process is thrown out but the gov't, then The People themselves see no reason to follow laws. And the one poster was also right...so the fuck what if he was 'camping' where the PTB said they didn't want him too. Wait here in the near future when this fiat currency and this economy shit itself. Wanna some poor, homeless campers then. I just pray I am retired shortly so I am not driving home and some SOB who knows me not, because I am the Constitutionalist, Oath upholding deputy in my department, but because he doesn't know that....I get a .300 win mag come crashing through the side of my head. 

 Brothers, those of you who swore your Oaths and know what they mean. Resist! Do not commit unlawful, illegitimate and criminal act upon the People you swore to protect their Rights. If your actions are outside the law, the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution (Art 6, Sec 2 and 3} Then you're acting criminally against The People and they have every right to resist you. CT State badges.....don't do it. Don't follow the illegitimate orders to go get something that is a Constitutionally protected item. If we the badges refuse and stay our oaths...then tyranny cannot be enforced upon free Citizens. The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution. That makes those Amendments Law as well. 

So refuse and defy unlawful orders. 

Semper Fidelis, Paratus et Vigilio.


  1. Unfortunately, this gentleman is severely outnumbered by his oath swearing brethren who are the ones who have chosen to beak their oaths and behave as judge, jury and executioners.
    Severely outnumbered to the point there is no distinction anymore.

    I for one, would not trust any cop for any reason.

    Let me put it to you this way sir, when confronted by a pack of dogs,which one would you reach out and try to pet?

    When confronted by a pack of dogs, you start shooting as many as possible until the remaining curs get the message that there are other places they should be if they want to survive.

    It's called self defense.

  2. All ye Homeless who are in need - come to the kinder gentler Battle Creek:


    The rest of the story is that a local man donated one of his rental homes to help out anyone who wanted to move in.