Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"If Lindsey Graham is a conservative, why are liberal PACs spending millions of dollars to re-elect him?"

If Lindsey Graham is re-elected, it will be one of the greatest political scams in American history. It may also be one of the greatest tragedies for the American people. 

It will result in a heavy burden for American workers and their families with more lower-paid foreign workers displacing them in the workplace and driving down their wages. Taxpayers will pick up a large part of the tab to benefit employers using lower-cost foreign labor.

                                    Mark Zuckerberg's Self-Serving Immigration Crusade

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's self-serving crusade for cheaper and younger foreign workers includes heavy support for Lindsey Graham, a key co-sponsor of Senate bill S.744, giving amnesty to over 12 million illegal immigrants and allowing 30 to 35 million more legal immigrant workers into the country in the next decade.

But the people of South Carolina are barraged day after day with TV and radio ads, many of them by Obama backing liberal Zuckerberg's phony conservative PACs, telling the people that Lindsey Graham is a conservative leader.  But Lindsey's Graham's amnesty and foreign worker surge bill is going to break the economic backs of ordinary working people, and taxpayers will pay for the breaking.

-- Mike Scruggs


  1. South Carolina will send these old deadwood backbiters back to D.C. time after time . Nothing will change . The whole state could be impoverished to the point of picking cotton by hand again .......... and .......... nothing will change , they'll send them back again . Name me something Strom Thurmond did to benefit the blue collar workers of S.C. ? . W. Russell

    1. Can't get out from in front of their TVs, I guess.