Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Curved Patriot Plates and a great new plate carrier from Condor!

Via WiscoDave

Since we came up with Patriot Plate, customer response has been phenomenal.  We have gotten tons of quality body armor into the hands of Patriots across the country.  (49 states that we know of!  Connecticut doesn’t allow for online purchases of body armor)

One question that we get regularly is whether or not curved plates are available.  To date the answer has been no.  We didn’t curve our plates because it’s been too expensive.

Our steel guy’s solution involved making special dies to put in the five inch middle of the plate and “pressing” down on the two and a half inch side (the part with the shooter’s cut on it).  The down side is that based on our volume of sales, this would almost double the cost of our plates.  Our mission was to produce quality body armor at a reasonable price, so we immediately realized that this method was a non-starter.

We didn’t rest.  Just like the initial challenges of Patriot Plate, we don’t give up at the first challenge.
Our goal in creating curved plates was to somehow keep as much of the plate flat as possible, while curving a small portion to:

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