Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NC: Victory For Mike Adams: Judge: UNCW must pay $700K for prof's legal fees

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My Two Cent Check Is Returned


A North Carolina public university is being ordered to pay more than $700,000 in legal fees for a professor denied promotion because of his conservative Christian views.

The StarNews of Wilmington reports ( ) that U.S. District Judge Malcolm Howard ruled Tuesday in a case that pit associate criminology professor Mike Adams against the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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  1. What it should say is the taxpayers of NC are paying. Until the individual decision makers are hit in their bank accounts nothing will change.

  2. Wow - more good news - I can hardly stand it. Yay, Mike!

  3. $700,000 in legal fees, and future pay and benefits dating back to 2007 will get the Chancellor's attention. Contracts may not be renewed - we can only hope - which is as it should be. Nobody will want to have their name associated with a similar judgment. Sometimes you just have to be grateful for what you get. this is a win in my book.

    1. Yes, Sir and he was soft spoken until he got tenure and then came out of the closet! He needles them too death.:)