Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Russia and China Are Executing a Plan We Ignore at Our Peril

Via Jonathan

Over two decades ago the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of failing economic policies and external political pressure. The proverbial Bear went into hibernation and was led by a succession of men who, understanding their newly diminished position on the world stage, attempted to distance Russia from the former authoritarian legacy of the Soviet Union.

Enter Vladimir Putin. A former KGB thug, Putin entered into the office of Prime Minister in 2000 with ambitions to turn Russia into a world power once again.  Over the last fourteen years, Putin has expanded Russia’s military arsenal, nationalized Russia’s oil industry, tightened constraints on the media, and used nefarious measures to silence his political opponents. Yet up until this past year, the international community saw little cause for concern and dismissed Russia as a possible future threat to regional stability. 

That particular sentiment changed overnight as Russian forces capitalized on temporary political instability in Ukraine, citing oppression against ethnic Russians as the justification for getting involved.

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