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Corey Alan Jackson from Range Time, Terre Haute Indiana. (Stolen Valor)

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Good Afternoon my fellow hide members, I want to bring to your attend about a Stolen Valor case that has been bothering me for a long time. I used to live in Terre Haute, Indiana. I first heard of Corey Jackson from a Gun shop. He run a youtube channel called Coreyanderica. I heard a lot of about him and how he was a former 11b and did combat tours in Afghanistan. As I dug deeper and talk to people who used to know him. The story didn't add up. This is what I found out and I would like to share it with you guys. I think that if you spend money on an instructor, that he has certain ethics that he would live by.

Cory was apprehended in Vigo County by the police on a AWOL warrant for not appearing at processing for Ft Benning. He went coward and bailed. Rather than put him through the ringer with the UCMJ, he just got kicked out on a general discharge. There is 'nothing' in his file about medical discharge or a heart murmur.

Date of incident 2001, 0424/1300
Absent from 30th AG BN Reception Ft. Benning, GA
Cory DOB 5 Jan 78
Unit affiliation, Alpha company, 30th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) Fort Benning, GA
Full Name: Jackson, Cory Alan
On about 1300 hrs, 24 April 2001, without authority, absent himself from this unit, to wit: Alpha Company, 30th: Adjutant General Battalion (Reception), located at Fort Benning, Georgia, and did remain so absent until he was apprehended.

Corey has misrepresented himself time and time again.

From impersonating a 11Bravo (infantry) officer with experience overseas, to telling people he had an honorable discharge, to changing his story that he was "disqualified" for having a "medical condition". In the Armed services, you don't get a general discharge for medical grounds, your not even supposed to be accepted into the service from MEPs if you were DQed.

All of this so that he can beguile people into thinking that he is qualified to teach weapons handling and tactics even though he does not have the experience or background to do so.

He is lying to people about his service record to take advantage of hard working people of their money.

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  1. Hi Brock and all,
    Yup, "They!" are everywhere! 'Ya don't think a lot about these "impostors" till 'ya encounter one!! They have a "plausible" answer for every comment that you may question them on! We had one that hung out at Skydive Raeford (NC) near Ft. Bragg a few years ago. 'Claimed he was a UDT-Seal LCDR resigned his commission with 18 1/2 years in because of some bogus orders!! 'Gotta admit he had some great stories (lies) to tell after "Beer 30!!" A former lady Air Force Parachute Rigger from Pope AFB suspected something fishy when his connection to Seal team 1 in VA., didn't jive. They, Team 1, directed her to Chuck and Mary Shantag of the POW Network who investigated him and "BANG!!" he's busted!! That was 13 years ago but our boy Normie Kutz is still on the Seal's "Wall of Shame" and the POW Network's list of impostors! To top it off, Normie still believes he is all his lies say he is!! 'Trouble is there are still suckers out there who believe and support him!!
    Got Gunz??

    1. :) Nothing I like more is one of these getting busted.


      Chuck and Mary Shantag of the POW Network

      Great site and I played a small part with them in busting the fake Vietnam combat veteran/Indian and artist Churchill.

    2. The patients are running the asylum.

  2. I'm 30 miles from Terre Haute but have not heard of him. And Ward Churchill was a good bust. My friend from Ft. Collins was quite familiar with him and especially disliked his association with Indians as she did a lot of work with the Pine Ridge tribes. Guess you can find wannabes everywhere.

    1. Yes, my friend T, who is half American Indian, says they never call each other Native Americas on the reservations, just Indians.