Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hot Mic Catches Reporters Talking About Ebola After White House Briefing

Via Cousin John

.......discussion by reporters in the White House briefing room. One would think that these reporters have more background information than the average American just because of the whispers they hear in the halls of the White House and Congress. The “insider” reporters were heard saying among other things, “we’re screwed.” Now with news that Ebola Patient Zero in Texas has died and there are more people out there with the virus, the reporters may be right.

Watch the video below. What do you think?



  1. My oh s--t, walking dead, nightmare is situation where an ebola contagious person is deliberately mingling with as many people as he can infect. Imagine Achmed the Jihadist, infected with ebola, deliberately trying to spread the disease at a major shopping mall for about a week starting on Black Friday. I pray this does NOT come to pass

  2. It is real easy to be afraid. The media excels at playing our emotions like a harp. I am going to take a chance and visit my brother next week. Maybe even get some fried Oreos at the fair, but pass on the BBQ fruit bat...

  3. "If this DC test comes back positive..."???
    Oh please, please tell me Ebola jumped THAT fence too... please...

    1. & stay confined there until no one else is left alive.