Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Obama Praises the Mosque of the Oklahoma Beheader? Yes, He Did

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Yisrael Obama

Colleen Hufford, 54, was simply doing her job at Vaughan Food Distribution when her life was snatched away from her in one of the most horrific ways imaginable. Jah’Keem Yisrael, formerly known as Alton Nolen, who was recently fired from Vaughan after attempting to convert co-workers to the Muslim faith and getting into discussions about stoning women, rushed into the building and began stabbing Hufford. But, her nightmare got even worse.

After stabbing her countless time, he beheaded her. He was on to his next victim when the former CEO of Vaughan Foods, Mark Vaughan, who was also an Oklahoma County reserve deputy, shot him, thereby stopping the attack.

Witnesses reported that as Yisrael was committing his attack, he was shouting Islamic phrases. His Facebook page also details his conversion to Islam and the pride he had in the Islamic State (ISIS).

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  1. I just dont know what to say about this that we have not already thought or said. Going to go vommit now and then maybe cry. Screw islam and obama and every stupid bastard (male or female) that put him in office. The blood of Americans is on your hands when it comes to victims of islam.

    1. The blood of Americans is on your hands when it comes to victims of islam.

      Indeed it is and let us not let them forget it whether family or not.

  2. You and I and other intelligent folks will never forget. But the azzholes in power reallt dont give a damn, and neither do their worshipers. All the obamans and hillareans care about is keeping us beat down and forcing their will on us.