Monday, January 26, 2015

Charles Alan Dyer: Innocent Oklahoma Marine Still in Prison

It only takes an accusation! Imagine spending years in prison for something you were accused of, but didn’t do. 
Now imagine yourself as a decorated Marine who has served his country during one tour in Japan, one tour in Iraq, been honorably discharged, and has never before been arrested for anything. Welcome to the world of Charles Alan Dyer of Duncan, Oklahoma. 

Dyer’s unjust incarceration began on January 12, 2010 after his wife, Valerie Wylie-Dyer, allegedly falsely accused Dyer of molesting the couple’s then, 8-year-old daughter Hayley Dyer. Eight days later Mr. Dyer was formally charged with one count of Child Sexual Abuse and so began a trail of lies and legal malfeasance that would ultimately lead to Dyer being convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

 The alleged lies began with Valerie Wylie-Dyer approximately seven months before Mr. Dyer’s arrest when he was still in the Marine Corps and living in California and Valerie and Hayley were living in Oklahoma. This separation was reportedly agreed upon by both Dyer and Valerie as a way for the couple to save money for Dyer’s approaching discharge from the Marines. It was during this time of separation that Valerie reportedly began abusing prescription drugs to cope with depression and also began “drinking heavily”. It was also during this time that Dyer states that during a phone conversation with Valerie he found out, “my wife was cheating on me, doing drugs, and having group sex parties.”

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  1. This has been done to fathers numerous times; retaliation, getting even.
    I wish this guy well. Even after getting out of prison there is a stigma associated
    with the accusation.

    1. My childhood friend paid a women to have his child since his wife couldn't, but then afterwards she wanted to keep her. Long and short of it, she manipulated the child to lie about the same thing, but eventually the PTB got the child to tell the truth, so it all went away and of course she lost any chance of seeing the child again. She probably just wanted more money.