Monday, January 26, 2015

Retired Agent Jay Dobyns

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Katie Pavlich published a great piece today. So have Tim Stellar, David Hardy, David Codrea, Mark Walters and Mike Vanderbough in days previous.  I understand another piece will publish tomorrow in a major newspaper.  I do not know if it will be as scathing as those published by these reporters.  Time will tell.

Thank you to each. Not thanks for helping me. That is not their jobs nor would they compromise their investigative integrity or journalistic ethics to do a favor. The "thanks" are for covering the story, doing so unbiased, citing facts and evidence and mostly for having the courage to report on this administration when the national mainstream media wants to turn a blind eye.  If their is an award for reporters who write or speak the truth and ignore the blowback, it should be given to each of you.

This could all have been prevented and now can be fixed. I don't want their money.  I never did.  What I want is a public admission of guilt from Holder and a face-to-face apology from Jones and Brandon (honestly, out of respect for the office, I would never seek one from our President). Obama, Holder and Jones have to lead and face the situation. Until then I will battle them to the bloody end.

You are quickly approaching critical mass gentlemen.  You need to do now what you should have done a long time ago - conduct some serious risk assessment.  Read the public comments attached to these stories.  You are outed and you have failed.  I understand you are choking on your pride.  You forced me to gag on my mine when you falsely accused me of trying to kill my family and then defended the people who put that on me.

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  1. Good lesson in this. You cops are disposable. Think about it.