Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Middle Class Hits 50 Year Low on President Obama’s Watch

Via Billy


President Barack Obama in his State of the Union speech said, “The verdict is clear, middle class economics works.” Obama said lots of words about how the U.S. economy has improved, but he avoided the “numbers” regarding how or if that improvement had reached the middle class. If the president had used the “numbers,” he would have to explain why real middle class paychecks hit a 50 year low on his watch.

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  1. But that mostly hurts Whitey, so who cares???

  2. I rather enjoyed his lies and wondered who in the middle class will believe him. Now after six years of kicking the middle class in the guts he wants to throw us a bone? We in the midwest dont have a middle class anymore. We are now the WORKING POOR. Screw you barry! We dont want or need your handouts. All we want is your incarceration.

  3. There can be no upward mobility in communism/fascism/socialism.

    Voila . Welcome peasants we are all equal in our misery. Except for the special pigs. (Animal farm)

    1. communism/fascism/socialism.

      Stagnation is thy middle name.