Wednesday, January 21, 2015

North Carolina: 'Lost Colony' mystery unraveling? Map and 'wares' new evidence

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North Carolina: 'Lost Colony' discovered right here in US? Search commences

Are North Carolina and the “Lost Colony” connected more than previously thought? A clue found only several years ago on an ancient map is being examined, and may be key to unraveling the mystery.

In any case, it has experts looking to a new location that is yielding evidence of 16th century domestic wares. WRAL News reports this Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, that if this map’s indication proves correct, it might be the area where many families settled years ago.

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  1. Wish I could see a name so I could name my next bee hive after it. All my hives are named after colonies :)

    1. That's neat and do you mean a name of one of the people?

    2. No I name them after the colonies like New Haven, James town, Ferryland, etc. I was hoping maybe the fort had a name other than Roanoke.

      I also like to keep them in a theme. If I buy a hive or get one from someone getting out of the business I name it after a French or Spanish/Canadian colony :)

    3. How about Fort Raleigh?


      Or my Dixieland had a hive when my nephew owned it. :)

  2. Saw a show about this on 'America Unearthed' a few years ago... the researcher followed it over to the U.K. it was a patch put over a place where they thought about putting a large fort but changed their mind... the guy went to the location and there is a golf course, or something. He asked if they had located any 'items' from the period and the answer was no.

    Mystery of Roanoke
    Premiere Date:February 01, 2013 - 10:00-11:00PM ET

    In the late 1500s, years before Jamestown, the English sought to create their first settlement in America at Roanoke. A party of 119 colonists came over and settled but ultimately vanished. The fate of the Lost Colony of Roanoke has eluded archaeologists, historians and North Carolina locals, but as forensic geologist Scott Wolter discovers, a series of 48 stone clues that have been largely ignored and considered frauds may in fact hold the answer to America's oldest cold case.

    1. They believe that some of the 'survivors' of the lost colony made it from the coast to North Georgia... leaving stone carvings along the way.

    2. Thanks and I don't believe I have heard that before. I do remember something about evidence that they married Indians.