Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NC: Waste of the Week: Taxpayer Funds to Benefit Rev. William Barber

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william barber

A Goldsboro-based organization headed by the Rev. William Barber this year received nearly $350,000 of your tax dollars. Yes, that William Barber – the ringleader of highly partisan political protests against the General Assembly the past few years.

The protests were dubbed “Money Mondays” by the Civitas Institute after research exposed the fact that organizing groups received more than $100 million in direct state grants in recent years.

Many of those groups have had their taxpayer funds cut off by the legislature, but Barber’s group, “Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation (RBPCDC)” was awarded a $338,000 grant from the Department of Public Instruction this year.

More @ NC Civitas

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