Sunday, February 8, 2015

Here's Why Gov. Bobby Jindal Discussed Islam During his Speech on Common Core


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) is against “the whole hyphenated idea.” From his point of view, there are no Indian-Americans, African-Americans, Italian-Americans, or Irish-Americans; everyone is, just plain and simple, an American. But what would happen if American culture was not being infused into society?

It was along this vein of encouraging cultural assimilation, that the Governor discussed the growing threat of Islamic extremism during his speech at the American Principles Project luncheon on Thursday in Washington D.C.

While denouncing Common Core, Jindal shared how the problems of the state standard initiatives would inevitably leak far beyond the classroom, into the culture. Jindal referenced a speech he gave in London several weeks ago:

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  1. How simple, AMERICANS. The left, pc nazis, multiculturalists, and diversity slimoids will hopefully collectively all die at once when they hear AMERICAN. How inclusive is this one word when thinks about such. Common crude is nothing more than collective education dumbed down.