Sunday, February 8, 2015

NHRA & NASCAR Are Losing Fans: How Do We Get More?

Lift the bans on the Confederate flags for the spectators and cars for a start.

As I look ahead in 2015, I wish I could get excited about the great NHRA Drag Racing we’re going to see. Unfortunately, at best I feel it’s going to be the same thing, just a different year and at worse, less.

The state of drag racing is weak and it needs more fans to turn it around.

You can’t help but notice the many empty seats at certain tracks and there’s been a true disconnect between the sport and the fans. We have true, die-hard fans, but their numbers are dwindling. The sanctioning body does of great job of making sure the show runs, rules are enforced, and safety is at the forefront. But is there truly growth potential for the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing series, or any racing for that matter?

It’s not just the NHRA. Look at NASCAR, too. The NASCAR Hall-of-Fame located in Charlotte, N.C. has been a money-losing proposition since its inception. Earlier this month, the City Council voted to forgive NASCAR’s debt and requested Bank of America and Wells-Fargo to forgo a total sum of $22 million in loans in hopes of getting to a point of a profit center as attendance never has matched its expectations. The Council is going put out $5 million to at least give the banks something in return.


  1. This is why NASCAR and NHRA are losing the interest of fans:

    It's that simple. The solution is equally simple - Return to racing cars that more closely resemble cars that fans can buy and drive. This would also make it easier for newcomers with limited funds, to enter top level motor sports, which is all but impossible now.

    1. I hadn't thought of this, but never did like the change. Thanks.

  2. Used to be, if you saved your pennies, someday you could compete. Now you save your pennies just for admission & a drink.

    1. Now you save your pennies just for admission & a drink.

      I've heard it is ridiculous though I have always been only interested in the drags.