Monday, February 16, 2015

Mother who had throat cut by brutal ex faces jail if she refuses to write to him in prison

Collect photo of Natalie Allman a week after she was attacked by her partner Jason Hughes

A mum battered and slashed to within an inch of her life by her jealous ex-fiance has been threatened with jail if she refuses to write to him in prison.

Horrified Natalie Allman, 29, has been ordered by a judge to send letters three times a year to brutal Jason Hughes who tortured her for seven hours in front of their twin sons.

Under parental rights laws, Natalie is being forced to send updates on the five-year-olds along with photos.

The boys were just two when they saw their father batter their mum with his weight-lifting dumbbells, slash her throat with an Army knife and try to ­suffocate her with a pillow.

If Natalie refuses to write, she will be held in contempt of court and risks being locked up herself.

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  1. See? As long a Judges like this walk, things will get even worse. They know no limits to their little bit of power. Until someone makes them look like this woman. Then, and only then, they might learn.

  2. This is a good reason to either impeach this judge, or take him out permanently. This is not justice or parental rights. She should not only disobey this order but file a complaint against this mis-judge.

  3. Yet, Holder's contempt of court charge and still flying as free as a bird.
    What business does the courts have to stick their ugly noses in this
    woman's personal business. One would think logically that based on the
    brutality of the crime, no contact would be appropriate.

    1. brutality of the crime, no contact would be appropriate.


  4. Im pretty sure he lost all rights when he comitted this act of brutality. (Bad enough what he did, but in front of kids even worse) The Brits are all to polite with their justice system. This bastard should be bloddy well buggard daily by some large man of Moorish decent.

  5. Oh - that explains it - this is in the UK.

    Crap like coming here soon if we're not careful...

  6. So? She sends a report about their kids three times a year. Height, weight and blurry dark pictures should be enough to satisfy. This is NOT an unreasonable imposition. It is a fact that he is going to get out of prison some day and resume being a father to his children, even if they are adults when it happens. Article says her gets parole in 4 years. It's not like the courts forcing her to pay her rapist child support (that happens in the USA already).