Monday, February 16, 2015

Prepping 101: Cheap Night Vision Riflescopes


This article is something of a shootout between my favorite (and cheap at $400) night vision scope and an interesting new digital night vision product that was made from a converted IR CCTV camera.

In my experience, digital night vision normally isn’t worth the inflated pricetag. I’ve even declined to review the couple “clip on” models that I’ve tried because they were just too expensive for what you get. This product, called Digital Crosshairs, is also a clip on that uses your existing scope. But at only $400-$575, it is at least arguably worth the price. As you will see, from a Prepping 101 perspective it isn’t much of a shootout. My $400 Gen I riflescope blows away this new gimmicky nightvision with the LCD screen.

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