Monday, February 16, 2015

Survival Gear Review: Solo Scientific Solar Knife


Can your knife light a fire? I’m not talking about a detachable spark rod that you pull from the handle, or the Zippo that you duct taped to the sheath. I’m talking about a built-in feature that actually produces a fire. The newest member of my knife collection is also a fire starter (at least when the sun is shining). It’s the Solar Knife from Solo Scientific. 
The folks at Solo Scientific seem to share one of my obsessions: fire building. Having had very favorable results with two of their other products, the Aurora fire starter and the Hot Box fire starter, I was eager to see their latest design: a knife that starts fires by concentrating sunlight.

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  1. Now that is freaking cool....................

  2. Yeah, that is very cool - thank you for the link. Its good for half the day at least, extending your other lighters life. If you ever run out of sun, then you have bigger problems than lighting a fire.

  3. Kinda on the gimmick side. I've never been let down by striking my ferro rod on the 90degree edge of my knifes spine (high carbon).

    1. Maybe, but if the blade is good, it should be worthwhile.

    2. I concur about the blade having to be worth while. Perhaps I was looking at it in the wrong perspective: hand this to the youngster you're teaching survival/bushcraft/camp craft etc to and maybe it'll be that much more enjoyable (?)... Option is the spice of life, right?

    3. Option is the spice of life, right?

      :) Right and it seems that the price, considering it being made in the US and believed to be of good quality, isn't bad.