Monday, February 16, 2015

NC: Complaint About SCV Sign Leads To Battle Flag Installation


Some of you may recall the news story a few weeks ago, about the SCV Roadside sign that was removed in North Carolina once it was found to be in the DOT Right of Way...

All I have to say is, to whoever raised a stink about it... THANK YOU...not only has the sign been re-installed...there is now a Battle Flag flying, too!


  1. Never back down, never give in, even an inch. We know who are enemies are, and they are utterly evil. BTW, this MN Yankee (yeah yeah, it is a burden) takes great delight in seeing such a proud display. May she long wave in honor and glory.

  2. Thanks you to the North Carolina SCV for returning the welcome sign and adding the beautiful battle flags. It looks great. Planning a trip to North Carolina with the grand-kids sounds like a good idea. It appears that y'all have the welcome mat out.

  3. I wonder why ONLY the Battle Flag is featured?

    In my opinion, the correct flag to be displayed should be the "Blood Stained Banner", the Third National Confederate Flag, as that was the official flag at the conclusion of the Second American Revolutionary War, and had the Confederacy stood, it would be the official national colors today.

    Also, I like the Bonny Blue Flag, because of its history and origins, and even better, the average American spectator is so ignorant that they'd have no clue what they were looking at, or what it represented.

    1. My favorites are the square Calvary Battle Flag and the Bonnie Blue. We need to keep using the Battle Flag as to do otherwise would be groveling to the marxists' demands.

  4. Sigh! Breath taking. Thanks.