Monday, March 9, 2015

COMMON CORE KIDNAPPING: Parent Calls 911 After Public School Won’t Release Kid From Test

Via avordvet

Supporters of Common Core have encountered a public relations nightmare recently thanks to technical glitches, student boycotts and a slew of irate parents who are refusing to allow their children to sit for standardized tests.

However, last week marked the first time officials at a taxpayer-funded school have allegedly attempted to confine a student for a Common Core standardized test after her parent arrived on campus to remove the child from class.

The incident occurred at Brookshire Elementary School in Winter Park, Fla., the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The unidentified mother showed up at Brookshire Elementary to pick up her daughter because she wanted to opt the fifth grader out of a Common Core-aligned writing test.


  1. Not really kidnapping when your children belong to the state. Cps has the power to remove your children for the offense of having vitamins in your house
    or having a messy house. or letting them walk home from the park unsupervised.
    they have the power because we let them.

  2. If someone was keeping my kids against our wills, I wonder who would be the one needing to call 911?
    Dont speak their language. Its not "opting out". It is just plain "No".
    Brock, did you home school yours?
    We would like, but just cant.

    1. I did my fifth, Dixie when her private school closed after 40 years. The schools were decent when the others grew up, at least where we lived then.

      We used the Robinson Self-teaching Home School Curriculum and Dr. Robison is the real deal.

      Dr. Robinson runs against commie DeFazio for the third time