Monday, March 9, 2015

Dems propose a new federal agency: The Department of Peacebuilding

Via Joe: "Retarded"

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Several House Democrats have introduced legislation that would create a Department of Peacebuilding, which would be tasked with promoting peace around the world and organizing occasional “Peace Days” that would be celebrated within the United States.

Supporters of the Department of Peacebuilding Act note that while the Constitution talks about tranquility and promoting the general welfare, more than 100 million people died in wars in the last century, and the U.S. and other nations are plagued by all sorts of violent conflict. Not only is this not peaceful, but it comes at a huge economic cost.

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  1. I couldn't figure out what they were getting at until they hit the gun-grabbing part. Then it became obvious.

  2. UC Irvine Student: US Flag Banned to Avoid ‘Triggering’ Hurt Feelings Among Illegals

    A student who spoke with Breitbart News on condition of anonymity that she heard a member of the ASUCI discussing “the [American] flag and how it triggered people.” She then said she believed a major line of reasoning behind the legislation to remove the flag could have been a “precautionary step” to prevent a trigger situation where if someone is an “illegal citizen or [they] have citizenship issues, it makes them feel bad.
    “But me and my friends were like, ‘Dude, you’re in America. It’s the American flag,'” she added.

  3. We will also need a new agency to "Clean up (the) Bodies". The Agents will become known as CUB Scouts. The need for this new agency will soon be obvious. Democrat policies.

    1. The Agents will become known as CUB Scouts.

      I was actually one in the distance past. :)

    2. Clean Up the Bodies Scout? Damn! Were you ahead of your time, or what!

    3. :) I've got a picture somewhere and will have to find it!