Monday, March 9, 2015

Republican Senators tell Iran: Anything not approved by Congress can be changed or voided

Via Joe

Less than a week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu swatted a political hornets’ nest with his address to Congress in which he called the Obama administration’s emerging nuclear arrangement with Iran a “very bad deal” that “paves the way” to their getting the bomb, here comes another “bomb” of sorts from Senate Republicans.

Pushing back hard against the Obama administration, forty-seven GOP senators have signed an open letter to the Iranian regime offering a lesson in how the U.S. system of government functions under the Constitution. The letter advises Iran that any deal concerning Tehran’s nuclear program that President Obama agrees to without Senate consent could die when Obama leaves office.


  1. The Republicans think they can overcome King 0bama?
    How'd that work on their Anti-amnesty bill?

    I mean- really do they think that Iran doesn't know they have the spine of a snail?

  2. Really and guaranteed, Boehner is getting paid off.