Monday, March 9, 2015

South Africa: Nation’s Main Electrical Utility Forcing White Engineers Out To Hire More Blacks

Via Nancy

(Gianluigi Guercia, AFP)

Eskom has to reduce the number of white engineers by 1 081 and white artisans by 2 179 in order to comply with strict new government requirements, according to a report by specialist labour writer Jan de Lange in the Sunday newspaper Rapport.

The new directives require embattled Eskom, the best performing public enterprise in the affirmative action race, to ensure that these two key job categories become “completely reflective of the national and regional demographics” by 2020.

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  1. Think this won't happen here?

  2. Longing for Rhodesia.

    SA is now a pit of black mambas let loose on a former country that was the main economy and driver of positive economics on the blight known as Africa.

    Rhodesia. Not the vile, evil place progs made it out to be. Not perfect but now you have SA, Zimbabwe and POS like Mugabe.

  3. I have a few friends in SA who were forced into hiding, white and blacks. The ANC is terrible. They were almost killed and hounded into going deep underground. Zuma and his ilk, absolute black nightmare of epic proportions.

    Black holes indeed.

  4. SA today is civilization in reverse. The end of Apartheid was the end of civilization in South Africa. The black gov confiscated the White Afrikaners guns yet they them-
    selves purchased 43 million dollars in guns. Wonder where all the money is going.
    These POS gov purchased guns were found at the sites where White Afrikaners
    were slaughtered. Black engineers, give me a break, with an IQ of 80, HA
    This is probably Obama crap as he, by the means of American taxpayers, is going
    to rebuild SA electrical grid. The Whites need to leave; it will return to the desert
    from which it evolved.

    1. Dixie and I met a nice young man from SA this summer where he was working on Ocracoke. He mentioned his family was still there and I asked why in the world don't you get them out? He said why? I mentioned the "political situation" and he hesitantly said yes. Weird.

    2. Afraid of saying anything which might get out. Many of the Whites
      there won't leave because what they own is all they have in the world.
      I recall heading for the Co-Op in Asheville and took a back-way. I
      ended up driving thru a street with probably 100 blacks all over the road
      and would not move from the road. When I arrived at the co-op, I was
      somewhat shaken so verbalized my experience to a female stranger.
      She just looked at me and walked off. I thought that was strange.

    3. She just looked at me and walked off.

      A Left-Of-Lenin liberal.

  5. Charlton Heston stared in a movie once that bares a strong resemblance to current events........